this is my favorite sin: despair

Q: Why do you have the robot in the story about the suicide?
A: It was a mistake. That story needed seventy-three robots, twelve pirates, three Vikings, three zombies, seven murders in polygamist cults, two slow trains to Bangkok, three bejeweled elephants in the court of Catherine the Great, six scarlet-threaded elevators to space, fourteen backlit liquor bars in Amsterdam, five bearded men spinning plates on top of thirty-foot poles in Central Park, four mechanical rabbits, three alarm clocks, two magic tricks, twenty-four test tubes, the Brooklyn Bridge, the London Bridge, the boob doctor’s daughter…
Q: Whatever it takes to get your attention?
A: Whatever it takes to cover all the hurt.

Wed, 16th of April
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Wed, 16th of April

If you discover he did it, you’ll take care of him there?

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World War I Photos of Europe Overlaid on Present Day Locations

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Carl Sandburg, “Offering and Rebuff”

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Wed, 16th of April
Tue, 15th of April
❝ 'Are you always a smartass?'
‘Nope. Sometimes I’m asleep.’ ❞
—   Jim Butcher, Blood Rites   —
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Tue, 15th of April

Buck up, chief. 

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I appreciate your confidence in me.

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